1043500 Book of Rites Mental+1, being used to explain scripture.
1043501 Book of Songs Mental+2, a book for newbie.
1043502 Grand Histories Mental+3, record of the grand history.
1043503 History Book Mental+4, a common book where you can find in any book store.
1043504 Three Strategy Mental+5, even the bandits are reading this.
1043505 Analects Mental+6, the representative work of Confucianism.
1043506 Han Shu Mental+7, introductory war guide for newbie.
1043507 Map of West Shu Mental+8, military map.
1043508 Annals of Wu Yue Mental+9, history of spring and autumn period.
1043509 Guan Zi Mental+10, written by GuanZhong, a famous politician from Qi.
10435010 Mo Zi Mental+11, written by MoZi, China's first true philosopher.
10435011 Zhuang Zi Mental+12, written by ZhuangZi.
10435012 Secret Strategy Mental+13, written by JiangZiYa.
10435013 Han Fei Zi Mental+14, written by HanFeiZi.
10435014 Tales of Heroines Mental+15, history of heroes during ancient China.
10435015 Lao Zi Mental+16, written by LaoZi.
10435016 Current Affairs Mental+17, scroll of intelligence.
10435017 HuaTuo's Journal Mental+18, medical scroll written by HuaTuo.
10435018 Art of Debate Mental+19, written by CaoZhi.
10435019 Warring States Mental+20, secret scroll of war strategy, YanBaiHu is searching for it.
10435020 Game Theory Mental+21, a classic scroll written by WeiZhao.
10435021 QianXiang Annals Mental+22, Rumor says ZhuGeLiang's become a knowledgeable person after reading this.
10435022 Chun Qiu Annals Mental+23, favourite scroll of GuanYu.
10435023 Strategies of Wei Mental+24, another scroll of war guide.
10435024 13 Strategies Mental+25, 13 war guide that will benefit warlord who reads this.
10435025 SunTze Strategy Mental+26, written by SunZi.
10435026 Chinese Bestiary Mental+27, a scroll that recorded the ancient legends.
10435027 CaoCao Tactics Mental+28, written by CaoCao.
10435028 Sorcerer Book Mental+29, a scroll of black magic, one can learn to control the weather after master it.
10435029 Art of War Mental+30, a legendary war guide.
6 110318101118 1 Mystic Cipher Mental+31, this cipher contains mysterious text.
6 110318101152 1 I-Ching Mental+32, written by FuXi.