Players are provided a variety of troops that they can choose. Militia spearmen, light cavalry, heavy halberd soldiers, hussars, Guards, Dragoons, archers, etc. Each troop has their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages in battle, which adds strategy in the game.

Most of these troops can be obtained after the player meets the different requirements building upgrades and researching on the technology prerequisites.

Assigning troops to your generals gives them a better advantage during expeditions.

0947090-2 Militia Untrained farmers Barracks Lvl 1
6 110908172133 1 Pikeman Lightly armored soldiers using spears Barracks Lvl 5 Infantry Lvl 2
6 110908172207 1 Cavalry Lightly armored soldiers mounted on horses Barracks Lvl 10 Cavalry Lvl 2
6 110908172358 1 Archer Agile and skilled soldiers that can do long range attacks Barracks Lvl 10 Archer Lvl 1
6 110908172223 1 Halbeldier Heavily armed troops that are balanced in attack and defense and are equipped with halberds Barracks Lvl 15 Halbeldier Lvl 1
6 110908172237 1 Knight Heavily armored cavalry with powerful attack and defense Barracks Lvl 15 Knight Lvl 1
6 110908172415 1 Ranger Crossbow weilding troops that can do powerful long range attacks using bolts Barracks Lvl 20 Ranger Lvl 1
6 110908172251 1 Guards Imperial ground troops that have excellent attack and defense Barracks Lvl 20 Guards Lvl 1
6 110908172310 1 Dragoon Golden armored cavalry with swift and powerful attacks Barracks Lvl 20 Dragoon Lvl 1
6 110908172428 1 Marksman Long range troops that are good in shooting enemies with precision Barracks lvl 25 Marksman Lvl 1
6 110908172442 1 Storm Rider Legendary tiger-riding cavalry Barracks lvl 30 Storm Rider Lvl 1