What is Newbie Protection?

When a player creates a character it will be under Newbie Protection for a period of 7 days. During this period other players are not allowed to attack you and you cannot attack other players as well. Also, during this period all troops lost after doing NPC attacks and War Expeditions will be revived 100%.

How to Remove your Newbie Protection status?

Besides waiting for 7 days for the Newbie Protection to be lifted players can upgrade their Citadels to Lvl. 15 to remove their Newbie Protection status.

How to Check if your Character is Under Newbie Protection?

Step 1: Click on the World button.

Step 2: Place your mouse pointer over your city until a mouse over window appears. Check your status.

Newbie Protection 1

Step 3: You can also check your status by clicking on the Ruler button.

Step 4: Check your status under Status.

Newbie Protection 2 (2)