1044450 Montera Stamina+1, hat made of coarse cloth.
3002 Riding Boots Stamina+2, necessity during battle.
3003 Leather Boots Stamina+3, Helmet made of leather.
1044453 Talisman Stamina+4, a protection charm.
1044454 Gold Phoenix Stamina+5, it emits fragrance that attracts celestial beings.
1044455 Green Soul Pearl Stamina+6, gems made by NuWa.
1044456 Cavel Helmet Stamina+7, two horns on the helmet.
1044457 Magic Cap Stamina+8, exquisite hat.
3009 Knight Shoes Stamina+9, durable shoes for swordsman.
1044459 Crystal Helmet Stamina+10, helmet with crystal.
10444510 Blue Dragon Stamina+11, dragon shaped.
10444511 Crescent Chain Stamina+12, seems expensive and very useful.
10444512 Evening Rain Stamina+13, rare and special.
10444513 Incense Sachet Stamina+14, silk sachet.
10444514 Noble Earrings Stamina+15, aristocratic ladies earrings, to display their high status.
10444515 Pearl Chain Stamina+16, expensive pearl necklace.
10444516 Treasure Jade Stamina+17, a priceless treasure.
10444517 Yellow Jade Stamina+18, worn on the waist of gentlemen.
10444518 Colourful Stone Stamina+19, five-coloured stone that were used to mend the sky.
10444519 Emerald Crown Stamina+20, a hat with jade embedded.
3021 Seven Star Boots Stamina+21, war boots worn by ShenNong.
10444521 Enamel Crown Stamina+22, war helmet hidden in the imperial palace.
10444522 Dragon Jade Stamina+23, treasures found among the folks.
10444523 Skeleton Earrings Stamina+24, skeleton earrings used to repel evil.
10444524 Teeth of Wraith Stamina+25, hidden evil soul that was sealed inside.
10444525 Phoenix Dance Stamina+26, used by the fairies when they're dancing.
6 120426113710 1 Star Stepping Stamina+27, unknown material.
10444527 Nine Dragon Jade Stamina+28, ancient gem.
10444528 Jade Crown Stamina+29, helmet with white jade.
10444529 Purple Gold Crown Stamina+30, a magical stone left behind by NuWa.
6 110318113216 1 Gold Dragon Crown Stamina+31, ancient weapon to summon gold dragon.
6 110318113307 1 Imperial Jade Seal Stamina+32, a legitimizing device, signalling the Mandate of Heaven.