Resource management is introduced early on the game: buildings need timber, army upgrades need iron ingots, and to upgrade technology as well as generals you need to have large quantities of gold. Here are some tips to earn gold immediately:

1. Upgrade the Trade Chamber: Each level in Trade Chamber increases your tax rate by 1%. The higher the level the more gold will be coming in.
2. Build Residences: Gold and population goes hand in hand. Increasing the city's population would also increase revenue thru taxes. But remember, idle population can not exceed 25%, otherwise loyalty will drop affecting the city's resource production.
3. Upgrading Trade Technology: Each level develops the city's external trade, increase gold income of Trade Chamber +2%. This is an important technology for earning gold.
4. Market: Usually seized food, timber, iron ingots can be sold in the market to businessmen, in exchange for gold. The higher the level of the market, the resources will have a higher selling price. Be sure to pay attention to the upgrade level of the market.
5. Engaging enemy forces: Send troops to engage wild brigands, small villages, rebels, and other armies hoarding a lot of resources. Overcome them to seize a large number of resources.