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Welcome to the Battle of 3 Kingdoms Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki page for Battle of 3 Kingdoms.

Battle of 3 Kingdoms is a browser game developed by YouEase and is published by iG-Interactive. The game revolves around The Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China.

This wiki is created to help the players of the game. If you can't find any information on a certain topic just leave us some feedback.

Battle of 3 Kingdoms Teaser Trailer

Battle of 3 Kingdoms Teaser Trailer


The Battle of 3 Kingdoms takes place on the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China which is from the period of the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Players get to experience first-hand events during the time of strife and turmoil that eventually lead to supremacy and domination.

The decline of the Eastern Han Dynasty is marked by the eunuchs appointment by the emperor to his court. They gained considerable influence over the emperor and abused their power to enrich themselves amidst people living in dire poverty. This led to political chaos. In 184 AD, in the area of Henan and Hebei the Yellow Turbans Revolution started ensuing chaos.

Characters like Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao, Yanbai Hu, Huang Chao, Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Diao Chan, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Sun Quan, Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu, etc. are just some of the legendary people that participated in this wonderful storyline set during the troubled times. If you have the chance to change history what would you do? Who do you want to be? The choice is up to you.

Build dozens of different styles of architecture. With an innovative building system players can build their own version of the three cities according to their design.

Players can create vast armies and they can choose familiar legendary Three Kingdoms generals making the game more intense and interesting. They can then use these armies to conquer, fight, and rule the 3 Kingdoms!

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